Sunday, June 29, 2008

Erlang Ring Exercise

I didn't bother with the benchmark part, simply the implementation. This starts out like mine but the message handling seems a bit more involved. I have to say this exercise is a good one to wrap ones head around functional programming.


ring(Proc_count, Msg_count, Msg) ->
First=spawn(fun() -> loop() end), %% first process
links(Proc_count, First, First), %% others
First ! {Proc_count * Msg_count, Msg}. %% send msg to first

links(1, First, Left) ->
First ! {left, Left}; %% tell First who his Left is (last link)

links(Proc, First, Left) ->
P=spawn(fun() -> loop(Left) end),
links(Proc-1, First, P).

loop() -> %% this loop is for First
{left, Left} ->

loop(Left) ->
{1, Msg} -> %% done
io:format("[~p]: ~p says ~p~n",[1, self(), Msg]);
{Count,Msg} -> %% send message to process on my left
io:format("[~p]: ~p says ~p~n",[Count, self(), Msg]),
Left ! {Count-1, Msg },

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